The first Node-Based, GPU-Powered Unified Physics System for Blender

Node Based

Control the behaviour of your simulations with a powerful and flexible nodes system, directly in Blender.

  • Flexible
  • Procedural
  • Non-Destructive
  • Allows for Complex Simulation Behaviours

Blazingly Fast

Simulate in realtime! Dynamix is a highly optimized engine built in C++ and is mainly powered by the GPU.

  • Realtime Previews
  • Virtually No Baking Time
  • GPU-Powered Core Solver
  • Highly Optimized CPU Routines

Unified System

Fluids, cloth, soft bodies, rigid bodies, smoke: DynamiX enables all these elements to interact together!

  • Unlimited Simulation Domain
  • Unified Particles-Based Solver
  • Cloth, Soft/Rigid bodies, Fluids, Sand
  • Whitewater, Foam, Smoke, Force Fields

Unified Nodes Based Physics Engine

Simulate Cloth (supports tearing), Fluids (supports viscosity and surface tension), Soft Bodies, Rigid Bodies, Springs, and Force Fields

"Unified" means all those elements can interact together: simulate buoyancy, drag, clothes interacting with water, sand being dragged in the waves... The possibilities are infinite!

Create any kind of simulation thanks to a powerful nodal system: add, remove, select and constraint particles on the fly to create unique interactions

Blender viewport integration
Built for speed

Built for Speed

Realtime GPU-Powered Simulation Core

Optimized C++ CPU routines

Parallel Engine: make use of all the CPU cores to simulate even faster

Takes advantage of modern CPU architectures using SIMD instructions (AVX/SSE3)

Powerful geometry caching system

Perfectly Integrated in Blender

Installs directly as a Blender addon

Fully Integrated Viewport: real time preview, simulation results, cached geometry, particles, force fields...

User-friendly graph editing window

Cache modifiers results for more performances

Edit Blender objects non-destructively thanks to a Procedural Workflow

Direct your simulation with animatable nodes properties

Blender viewport integration

Stay In Touch!

DynamiX is still in active development, but alpha builds will be shared with testers to help in the development process.

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Recommended Specifications

64-bit of Windows 7 or newer

GTX1060 or newer

8GB of RAM recommended to use the in-memory cache

Intel i5/i7/i9 or AMD equivalent

SSD recommended for best caching performances

Minimum Specifications

64-bit of Windows 7 or newer

Any NVIDIA, CUDA-compatible graphics card

2GB of RAM

SSE3-compatible CPU